My Story

My name is Rebecca Stadnicki, I am a certified holistic health coach and I specialize in helping those who struggle with symptoms from Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions. I would like to share my journey with you.

When my third daughter was three years old I began to experience severe fatigue. During that time, my life was extremely busy - I had just started a new job at a local hospital working odd hours while raising three young daughters - so naturally, I thought the way I was feeling was normal based on my hectic schedule.  


As time went on I began feeling worse experiencing more symptoms, including extremely low energy, depression, digestive issues, and many others.  I constantly felt ill and struggled to get through every day.  It was becoming harder and harder to function. Just getting out of bed in the morning to get my kids to school was difficult.  


At this point I was spending more time resting and sleeping than I was living. Simple tasks became overwhelming; life became overwhelming. I also felt guilt and shame for not being able to be the mom I wanted for my girls, or the wife for my husband.  


My life became an endless spiral of doctor appointments, medications, tests and sadness. I began to realize that I had lost control of my health. I started to understand that I needed to shift my thinking and  to become a participant in my health, doing everything I could to improve where I was.  

From that moment on, little by little, I became more aware and I made it my job to educate myself on healthier changes I could make to lessen my symptoms. I took a simple, day by day, trial and error approach as I was too ill to manage more than that.  


My journey brought me to some wonderful holistic practitioners who approached my symptoms differently looking for the root cause of why I was so ill. It was eventually discovered that I had been struggling all this time with Chronic Lyme Disease.  I learned that by making changes in my lifestyle, eating choices, mindset and stress levels I could improve my symptoms.  


Today I am in a much better place. I have my passion for life back, I can be there more for my family, my friends and best of all, for myself.  Is everyday perfect? No. I still manage my illness daily, but the difference now is that I have the resources, education and experience to manage it in a much healthier way, and therefore have more good days and less challenging ones.  Although I will never get back the 10 plus years that I lost, I can see now that there was a purpose to all that I struggled with.  To help those who, like me, have lost their way and want to get their health back.

Everyone has their own story. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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My Approach

Chronic illnesses can take a toll on your body, mind and life. It is important to understand that your physician and practitioner can’t fix everything, they are only part of the process in helping you get better.  

My mission is not to overwhelm you but to guide you in achieving small, realistic and manageable goals that over time create changes that are sustainable.

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength." - Oprah Winfrey

Self-centered wellness was created from my own struggle with Chronic Lyme Disease and my daughter’s battle with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I understand what you are going through. Dealing with symptoms like fatigue, low energy, muscle and joint pain just to name a few is not easy to deal with. I get it. It seems like no one understands the heartbreak you feel when daily tasks become almost impossible and the only activities that fill your days are sleeping and resting.


Barely having the energy to keep up with the demands of your life you watch from the sidelines while the world goes on around you. Been there...done that. On the outside you look perfectly healthy so no one would have any idea what you are going through on the inside. Living that kind of life has taught me so much. My journey has created a passion to give back and help others create balance, wellness and a better quality of life as they go through their own experiences.


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