Have you ever asked yourself…

What could change if you made the choice to put your health and wellness first?

This is a question you probably never thought to ask yourself. Most of us are so focused on taking care of everyone else that we forget about ourselves. We go about our lives using the excuse that we don’t have enough time. 

We end up making poor eating choices, exercising and moving very little, stressing out way too much and not getting the quality or length of sleep our bodies truly need. These habits create an environment in your body that is more susceptible to disease, illness and a poor quality of life. It is a wake-up call that there are imbalances you should not ignore.


When you are at this point it is a perfect time to ask yourself that question. As a health coach my purpose is to use my personal experience and education to help you discover where these imbalances are in your life. To create meaningful and mindful conversations with you to help you uncover the cause and reach your goals.


I want to empower you to take back control of your life. You will learn a new way of life through education, recommendations, and resources. Together we will take you from where you are to where you want to be based on the decisions you make that work for your lifestyle.

You can do this. One step at a time.

Here’s what is included when you work 1:1 with me

  • 1 month program

  • 2-1 hour sessions via online or if local in person

  • Email support throughout the month

  • Reliable resources and suggestions

  • Copy of a whole food guide

  • One hour check-in session to be used up to 6 months after the program is over to monitor your progress

30 Day Start To Wellness 

This is an introductory program that will allow enough time for you to see how health coaching works. When dealing with a chronic illness even the simplest things can be exhausting. Keeping this program short enables you to benefit from working with me without the stress or overwhelm of a lengthy program.

3 Months to a Better Life 

This program offers more of a commitment for those who have either taken the 30 day start to wellness program and need more support or for those who wish to start with a longer program.

Not sure if health coaching is for you?

Schedule in a 30 minute chat to determine your next steps (no commitment)